CCHR Anerkennungen

Texas State Senator — 1994

"I appreciate the support and leadership of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights during our investigation and as we passed the psychiatric reform legislation. Equally important, I look forward to a continued productive relationship."

Texas State Senator — 1994

"As long as we have a system that lends itself to greed, that lends itself to being more concerned about the bottom line of a financial statement of a provider than it does to the quality of care delivered in that institution, we have potential for being taken advantage of. Congratulations to the Commission....I am deeply appreciative of your honoring me for basically doing the right thing for the right reason."

Minister for Arts, Culture, Science and Technology, South Africa — 2001

"I congratulate CCHR for having identified the inhumanity inflicted on the mentally ill and their untiring campaigns to bring this to the world's notice. As a country and government, we will work with organizations such as CCHR seeking to protect all citizens from the type of terror and oppression experienced by the majority of the citizens of South Africa during apartheid....Through the courage and compassion that mark true humanity, your record in the fight against the apartheid psychiatric establishment, which so blatantly discriminated against Black people, is laudable and exemplary."

Pennsylvania State Representative — 2000

"I'd like to thank the Citizens Commission on Human Rights....We need to do more to help our young generation. Prescribing drugs may be an easy solution, but is not the answer....You can be assured that I will continue my efforts to draw attention to this issue of wrongly medicating our children in any way that I can."

Member, Colorado State Board of Education — 2000

In 1999, the Board passed a precedent-setting resolution, which called for academic rather than psychiatric drug solutions for behavioral and learning problems in classrooms.

"Efforts by organizations like CCHR are vital if we are to succeed in returning our schools to places of learning. This can only be done by eliminating unworkable psychiatric or psychological curriculums and questionnaires, and by allowing our children, with the use of good academic instruction, to accomplish their grades and goals by using their inherent potential. My thanks again to CCHR. Without your concern and help, the Colorado Resolution may never have been accomplished."

Professor of Psychology at Boston University and author of the best-selling book Whores of the Court: The Fraud of Psychiatric Testimony and The Rape of American Justice — 1998

"Year after year, CCHR has helped people everywhere take a second look at the status quo, to rethink the accepted so-called wisdom, and case by case, helped to stop the injustices done to mankind in the name of modern psychological science."

California Pediatric Neurologist — 1996

"The victimization of children, leaving them illiterate and not educable, is criminal. I share your outrage and I am happy to have CCHR as an ally to try and bring sanity back to the education system and to the treatment of our children."

Co-founder, U.S. National Education Consortium, author of the best-selling book, Cloning of the American Mind — 1999

"In my experience, CCHR is the only organization that is playing hardball against psychiatric fraud and abuse. It was the first to seriously spearhead a movement against it. It has steadfastly insisted on the individual's constitutional right to freedom of conscience. It has worked tirelessly to protect the right of all parents to direct the education and upbringing of their children. I salute CCHR for its incredible persistence...."

Special Rapporteur, Report to the United Nations Human Rights Commission — 1986

"The main task of CCHR has been to achieve reform in the field of mental health and the preservation of the rights of individuals under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. CCHR has been responsible for many great reforms. At least 30 bills [now more than 100] throughout the world, which would otherwise have inhibited even more the rights of patients, or would have given psychiatry the power to commit minority groups and individuals against their will, have been defeated by CCHR actions."

Rhode Island State Representative — 2001

"When a psychiatrist, claiming to be an expert, states that Blacks or Hispanics are less intelligent, this is the worst form of racism. It denies opportunity, it denies education. It oppresses entire races. It's the type of psychiatric thought that created the Holocaust and is now assaulting millions of minority children with psychiatric drugs.

"The Citizens Commission on Human Rights is a group dedicated toward ending this type of abuse. The children of the inner cities, the nation and the planet need CCHR to continue to expose the harm of false psychiatric labels, harmful drugs and experimentation."

Newport Beach Police Department — 1991

"I wanted to make sure to commend your organization and the individuals involved in assisting me in the criminal prosecution of a psychiatrist...[CCHR's] efforts were of a superior quality and greatly assisted me. You have some very special people working for you."

Canadian Investigative Journalist — 1999

Received the 1999 Canadian Community Newspaper Association Award for Outstanding Reporter Initiative for her series of articles exposing psychiatric fraud in a Texas facility called Tangram.

"The issue of abusive restraints is now front and center in the media, thanks to the persistence of CCHR staff—the best partners any journalist could have. I truly believe that evil thrives where good men do nothing. I want to thank CCHR for not allowing evil to thrive."

Founder of Parents Involved in Education (P.I.E.) — 1996

"I am so proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Citizens Commission on Human Rights. Because we have a war—a silent war. And 99.9% of the American citizens don't even know that it is raging. Moms and dads do not know what is going on in the classrooms…CCHR is an organization that is only as good as the individuals in it. And the individuals that have come into my life demonstrate determination, integrity and self-sacrifice, they display humbleness to a point where there should be anger...."

Former New Hampshire School Board Member — 1997

"I have spent literally hundreds of hours reading many, many books on the state of public education today. I was finding it difficult to express all of the ideas, found in all of those books, to everyone with whom I came into contact. What I needed was a vehicle to educate potential allies in an easy, concise and factual form. CCHR provided that vehicle...Thousands of people around this country have been informed about what has been happening to our children because of CCHR...please keep doing what you do...."

British Journalist — 20

"The CCHR is fighting for those people who are among the most disenfranchised in our society, who do not have a voice and who cannot fight for themselves. It successfully carries out this fight and has been able to stop abuse...Much of my work has been a coordinated effort involving campaigners and advocates such as CCHR and the victims they encounter...Working together, there will come a day when human rights abuses will no longer happen."

Professor Emeritus of Special Education with a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology — 1998

"We may be the last generation that has the drug-free clarity of vision, intellect and commitment to fight the spiritual war we are engaged in. Our generation, our very souls, will be judged on how well we fought for our children's future. The lives of our children depend on the legacy we leave. Through CCHR, we have the ability to gather the necessary troops in this battle. So, I urge you, please continue to be warriors."

Internationally renowned Nazi-hunter — 1979

"I do appreciate from my whole heart [CCHR's] plan to openly discuss and to be active against abuse of human rights by psychiatry...just as in our time, disliked people were taken away and put alive into graves. It is important that these [abuses] are pointed out and all that is possible needs to be done to stop these crimes."

Permanent Mission of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the United Nations — 1994

"The only weapon we have in this war is truth, and [CCHR has] helped us a lot by digging up evidence and spreading information on what's happening in Bosnia and Herzegovina on all possible lines internationally."

Italian Senator — 1994

"The asylums that I saw [in Italy] are concentration camps...we cannot separate the tree from the fruit it produces and we have to judge the system by its fruits. What I have seen of psychiatry cannot bring me to any other conclusion....Together with all the good people of CCHR, we did a good job...[we have] shown to the people...that such horrors exist and that we have to put an end to it."

Executive Secretary, Standing Chamber on Human Rights for the Political Advisory Counsel of the President of Russia — 1997

"We are grateful for [CCHR's] attention to the Russian problems and we hope that we won't be alone in our struggle for freedom of man: freedom of thought, and one's way of thinking."